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Canadian payroll - Tax forms

Hello Payroll professionals, My question is regarding tax forms that needs to be completed by a Canadian employee. Our company location and only registered in BC, and we have been asking our employees to only complete the BC tax form. We have a new hire who lives in Ontarion but will be working remotely, does he need to complete the Ontari Tax form or the BC Tax form? Can somebody help me on this one? Thanks, Virginia

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National Payroll Week Proclamation Ceremony Details

Date: Tuesday, September 13th

Council Meeting Start Time: 1:30 p.m.

Arrival Time for Guests: 1:15 p.m.

Location: San Jose City Hall-Council Chambers, 200 E. Santa Clara Street San Jose, CA 95113


If this is your first time visiting San Jose City Hall, please allocate additional time in your travel.

Validated Parking is located directly underneath City Hall, entrance to parking garage is off of 6th Street. Park near the elevators that are marked “Council Chambers” (I believe it is color coded in orange). Upon your arrival, take the elevators up to the 2nd Floor. You may validate your parking in the validation machine located next to the meeting agendas. Please sit in the first two rows for easy access to the podium. 

Proclamation Ceremony:

- The Proclamation Ceremony will take place during “Ceremonial Items” at the beginning of the Council meeting; the entire ceremony is brief and will last approximately 7-10 minutes (including photos).

- The Mayor will call Vice Mayor Herrera to join him at the podium.

- Vice Mayor Herrera will speak for 2 minutes and there will be 1 minute for the acceptance speech (proclamation will be accepted by SVAPA President).

- The Vice Mayor will say a few remarks about National Payroll Week and Silicon Valley American Payroll Association.

- The Representative from SVAPA will have an 1 minute acceptance speech to thank the Vice Mayor for her attending the National Payroll Kick Off event and for inviting SVAPA to accept the National Payroll Week proclamation. Your brief remarks can also include any upcoming events or pressing new information about your organization.

- Guests can join the Vice Mayor at the podium and take photos with the Mayor and Vice Mayor after the speeches.

- You are welcome to leave shortly after the Proclamation Ceremony is over.


For those who are not able to attend, you can watch the City Council meeting on our Livestreaming website on the afternoon of the ceremony here. A City Council agenda will be published by the beginning of that week of the Proclamation Ceremony.

RSVP: Attention: Proclamation  on or before Thursday, 9/8/2016

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