Board of Directors

Being on the Board of Directors for the Silicon Valley Chapter has provided me with many benefits.  First and foremost, it has allowed me the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing payroll professionals in the world right here in the Silicon Valley. As a Board Member, I receive lots of questions, am included in networking requests, and get to have a say in what the chapter is doing for the membership.

In October of 2016, the American Payroll Association's Chapter Relations Team held their Chapter Leadership Summit in Las Vegas where the SVAPA Board Members got to exchange ideas and information with chapter leaders from all over the country.

The other most important reason to be on the SVAPA Board of Directors is to keep the chapter active. The Board works as a team to secure meeting locations and speakers as well as planning the chapter's celebrations like the anniversary breakfast and the year-end party.  We all have full time careers and other work/life balance priorities, and we're all still able to provide an amazing chapter experience!

Being on the SVAPA Board of Directors is fun, productive and rewarding!!! And we welcome any of our membership to join us.  Begin with having a conversation with the Board Member that you'd most like to work with.  There are all sorts of committee and volunteer opportunities that you can start small with.



Board of Directors

The term of service for all officers and committee chairpersons shall be one year, with the exception of the President-Elect who will have a term of three years, automatically assuming the role of President the second year and Advisor in the third year to ensure continuity of leadership.

Elections and appointments will be held during the fourth quarter of each year. Results of elections will be announced at the conclusion of the last meeting of the year. Appointments will be published in the first bulletin of the new-year the terms begin. Special elections may be held as required, for example, if the President Elect is required to permanently assume the responsibilities of President.

Officers may be removed from office by a 2/3rds majority vote of all Chapter members. Failure to carry out responsibilities of the respective office warrants removal, and shall be presented to the Chapter members for voting upon recommendation by 2/3rds majority vote of the Executive Steering Committee. Committee Chairpersons maybe removed from their positions by a 2/3rds majority vote of the Executive Steering Committee.

Further, Officers or committee Chairpersons failing to attend Steering Committee meetings without notifying the President or the Secretary in writing or by telephone for two consecutive meetings will be considered to have voluntarily resigned from their positions. 

All member of the Board must be National APA members and active paid Silicon Valley members.  All dues will be paid by the first meeting of each year.  If not paid, consequences include suspension and or removal from the Board position.





PRESIDENT Preside over meetings; Be a member, ex officio, of all committees; Coordinate the establishment of goals for the Chapter each year; Arrange for topics and speakers for the membership meetings at a minimum of three (3) months in advance in order to provide sufficient scheduling for all Chapter members; Provide leadership to the Chapter.

Joan Esparza
e-mail: [email protected]
PRESIDENT ELECT Trains with the President for one year and assumes the Presidency the following year. Runs chapter meetings in the event the President is unable to attend. Assists in presiding over committee meetings and has voting privileges, if needed, for approval of proposals and committee decisions. Assumes the duties and responsibilities of the President as needed or directed by the membership.  A new President Elect will be elected in the event that the current President Elect must permanently assume the duties and responsibilities of the President prior to his/her normal Presidential term. Must be a National APA member and an active, paid Silicon Valley Chapter member, and be willing to commit to three years of service.

Hannah Huneidi, CPP
Cloudera, Inc
e-mail: [email protected]
TREASURER Collects dues and other receivables of the chapter. Reviews and pays bills of the chapter. prepares budget for upcoming fiscal year. Maintains records of the financial activity of the chapter in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Submits financials reports to the President as requested.  Submits financial reports to the Board at each Board meeting. Maintains in dual custody with the President, the chapter bank account(s). Obtains new and proper signatories for the accounts and tax returns as needed. Regularly gathers incoming mail from the post office box and redistributes as necessary and depositing all incoming monies to the chapter bank account(s) in a timely manner. Assist and prepares proposals and cost estimates for programs and activities for the chapter as needed. Prepares and file governmental reports and returns as required. Must be a National APA member and an active, paid Silicon Valley Chapter member, and be willing to commit to two years of service.

Janine Moe
e-mail: [email protected]
DIRECTOR AT LARGE Selects, purchases and distributes awards as determined by the Board. In conjunction with the President and Treasurer, selects, purchases and distributes donations of contributions and distribution of gifts and awards. Works directly with the President in the planning and protection of the integrity and intent of the chapter. Maintain relationship(s) with charitable organizations. Works with Director of Social Media & Chapter Communications to promote and post our charitable campaigns on chapter website and social media blasts/blogs each month in a timely fashion. Maintains Honorarium relationshpis to guarantee continued support from previous and potential vendor sponsors and other professional contacts helpful to the chapter. Solicits and distributes prizes for special events. Organizes efforts to collect charitable donations to reduce costs when possible. Must be a National APA member and an active, paid Silicon Valley Chapter member.

Nadia Camarena, CPP
Netflix, Inc
e-mail: [email protected]
SECRETARY Records minutes, resolutions, votes and other pertinent issues and events at each meeting. Ensures that all correspondence, minutes and records regarding the business of the chapter are duly obtained, maintained and safeguarded. Keeps current inventory of contents of archived files and records of the chapter, and whereabouts of such records. Works with Director of Meeting & Planning to obtain APA RCH approval. Orders and maintains supplies of stationery, brochures, etc. as needed for availability and convenience of the membership. Provides reports and records to National as required. Must be a National APA member and an active, paid Silicon Valley Chapter member, and be willing to commit to two years of service.

Anne YimKim, CPP
RingCentral, Inc.
e-mail: [email protected]
IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT In the event that the President becomes unable to finish the term for which he/she is currently serving, accept position of the President and finish the current presidential term; Preside over meetings in the absence of the President; Coordinate annual election process; Coordinate NPW activities; Coordinate Education and CPP/FPC study group; And coordinate GLO committee.

Brandi Trevino
Adobe Inc
e-mail: [email protected]
DIRECTOR, CHAPTER RELATIONS Secures speakers for program presentations at meetings and seminars. Ensures that meeting and seminar programs are of value and appropriate for the continuing education requirements of the membership. Works directly with the President in the planning and protections of the integrity and intent of the chapter. Works with the Secretary to ensure APA RCH approval. Assists the President / President Elect in the scheduling on the SVAPA calendar of events. Provides logistic assistance in meeting preparation, i.e. working with location host, meeting announcements, RSVP list, A/V requirements of speakers, speaker bios, etc. Non-member campaign; work with President and committee. Must be a National APA member and an active, paid Silicon Valley Chapter member.

Maria Katich
e-mail: [email protected]